Our Technology

We created our 3DGaN technology to be the ultimate transistor for 5G.


Unprecedented linearity

Finwave’s patented approach for linearizing both power amplifiers (PAs) and low noise amplifiers (LNAs) at the device level allows for more than 10dB higher linearity than in conventional technologies. This is done by both reducing “memory” effects from electron trapping and a novel device-level power combining approach.

The high intrinsic linearity of Finwave’s 3DGaN technology significantly improves PA efficiency at the backoff conditions required by complex modulation schemes. In addition, it allows for much simpler digital pre-distortion (DPD), or potentially eliminates the need for DPD altogether.


Bringing Moore's law to GaN

Finwave’s 3DGaN technology is fabricated in standard 8” CMOS fabs, with no special tools required.  Capitalizing on the capabilities of modern foundries, we utilize advanced photolithography and CMP copper backends. This is very different than the traditional compound semiconductor fabrication, which uses gold, liftoff, and E-Beam lithography to achieve short gate length devices.

Finwave's 3DGaN technology suppresses the short channel effect and allows for a continuous scaling of GaN transistors - from 8" to 12” and from 0.13um to deeply scaled transistors, bringing Moore's law to GaN.


5G is just the beginning

While commercial deployment is still many years away, considerable work has been done in laying the groundwork for 6G with frequencies above 100GHz. Deeply scaled 3DGaN FinFET is extremely compelling for 6G applications where over 400 GHz Ft and Fmax GaN FinFETs are readily achievable with order of magnitude higher output power than other competing technologies.

In addition to 5G/6G, Finwave’s 3DGaN technology can also significantly improve the efficiency and the operating frequency of power converters. We are working with partners worldwide to bring these innovations to a wide range of applications – including everything from voltage regulators to electric vehicles.


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