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Finwave started from breakthrough discoveries at Massachusetts Institute of Technology (MIT), and our team of world-leading experts brings over 100 years of experience in semiconductor innovation.

 Issued Patents
 Years of Combined R&D
Dr. Pierre-Yves Lesaicherre

Dr. Pierre-Yves Lesaicherre

Bin Lu

Bin Lu

CTO & Co-Founder
Prof. Tomas Palacios

Prof. Tomas Palacios

Jim Cable

Jim Cable

Chief Strategy Officer & Executive Chairman
Ian Warbrick

Ian Warbrick


About Finwave Semiconductor

The Finwave story started in 2012 at MIT, when our co-founders Dr. Bin Lu and Prof. Tomas Palacios invented a novel type of GaN transistor based on a FinFET architecture. The 3D fin structure was exactly what GaN transistors needed to significantly improve efficiency and linearity. This innovation was recognized with the 2012 IEEE George E. Smith award, and shortly thereafter Cambridge Electronics, Inc. (CEI) was incorporated to bring that technology to market.

After a decade of stealthily improving device performance, scaling the wafer size from the original 1 cm2 coupons to today’s 8” wafers with Si-compatible process, and establishing a global network of partnerships, Finwave's GaN FinFETs are quickly becoming a commercial reality. To reflect the transition from stealth technology development, to technology commercialization, the company changed name in 2022, to become Finwave. With offices in Waltham, San Diego and the Bay Area, as well as partners worldwide, Finwave’s team is ready to enable to the true potential of 5G networks.

Investors & Sponsors

Fine Structure Ventures
Citta Capital
The Engine
Safar Partners
Foothill Ventures
Alumni Ventures
Plug and Play

Work At Finwave

Join us as we build the next generation of ultra-efficient, ultra-capable GaN semiconductors.

“What sets us apart from others is our team’s ability to break the conventional ideas and innovate with fundamental physics principles.”
Bin Lu
Co-Founder & CEO

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