3DGaN by Finwave: The ultimate transistor for 5G.

Why it Matters

Finwave's revolutionary 3DGaNTM architecture is designed to dramatically enhance 5G devices with up to:

Higher Power
10x higher output power than Silicon RFSOI
Higher Linearity
10x better linearity than state-of-the-art planar GaN transistors
Less Cost
80% lower cost than conventional GaN-on-SiC technology

Unlocking the true power of 5G.


mmWave is the future of wireless technology.

It has a 100x faster data rate than 4G with 1000x more capacity and ultra low latency.


It's poised to be the single most significant enabling factor for the technology revolutions of the next decade.


However, its potential is severely limited by its very low 5G radio performance.

Even the best new 5G phones suffer from more than 10x lower radio output power than what is needed for sufficient uplink connectivity. The 5G RF chips also suffer from extremely poor power efficiency.

Our Technology

We created our 3DGaN technology to be the ultimate 5G enabler.


Unprecedented linearity

Finwave’s patented approach for linearizing both power amplifiers (PAs) and low noise amplifiers (LNAs) at the device level allows more than 10dB higher linearity than the conventional technologies.


Moore's law for GaN

Finwave’s 3DGaN FinFET technology is built on 8” GaN-on-Si wafers using standard silicon foundry tools. 12” is on the horizon for even more aggressive device scaling.


5G is just the beginning

There has been considerable work done in laying the groundwork for 6G, which is widely envisioned to push frequencies above 100GHz — Deeply scaled 3DGaN FinFETs are extremely compelling for 6G applications.


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